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Do animals have their rights?

Do animals have their rights?

Intervju sa mnom o knjizi "Dar ethosa: Eseji o pravima životinja" i temama koje su u vezi s položajem ne-ljudskih životinja, kritičkom teorijom, dubinskom ekologijom i bioetikom, objavljen na portalu NS krug.

Između ostalog, razgovarali smo o tome čime se bavim, kako sam došla do ideja koje zagovaram, zašto sam napisala knjigu o pravima životinja, šta njom poručujem i kakve su reakcije uže i šire čitalačke publike.

Tekst u originalu možete pročitati OVDE.

Intervju: Portal NS krug 

Welcome to My Site!

Here you will find a variety of articles on bioethics, aesthetics, ecophilosophy, activism for animal rights and protection, as well as tips for healthy and peaceful life - yoga, veganism etc. Also artistic and decorative items I create, a part of the workshop AHIMSA YOGA & ART
I hope you will find much more than that, an motivation for your activities and personal development in the first place.
Namaste, Maja


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I believe that the exploitation of animals will disappear in the future and that our descendants will wonder why their ancestors did not understand the simple fact that animals are free beings, not property.

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