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Strano, koje je drugo (iako nije svako drugo strano) deo je naše svakodnevice, ako ne i svako-momentalnosti, mada nam se čini da je tek povremena, usputna manifestacija.

Jer i ono što nam izgleda kao (opšte)poznato, drugo kao naše i/ili samo naše sopstvo, nepoznanica je tim drugima koji su nama drugo, a čak i nama samima, poznali to ili ne. Jer to ja koje je navodno poznato nama samima (kao naše, ne-drugo) menja se i postaje neko drugo (naše) ja i to upravo zahvaljujući tim drugima ne(s)poznatim-a, kao i tim našim „poznatim“ pređašnjim ja.

Autor: Maja Vučković

Fasting the mind
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Fasting the mind
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Here you will find a variety of articles on bioethics, aesthetics, ecophilosophy, activism for animal rights and protection, as well as tips for healthy and peaceful life - yoga, veganism etc. Also artistic and decorative items I create, a part of the workshop AHIMSA YOGA & ART
I hope you will find much more than that, an motivation for your activities and personal development in the first place.
Namaste, Maja


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Peace in the world will prevail when the ethics of nonviolence are fully accepted. Not in the theory, but in practice.

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